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Enzymes in BRENDA™ from the Enzyme Class of 3.4.22.-

For a detailed view of EC Numbers click on the EC Number or try the EC Explorer cathepsin B papain ficain bromelain (stem) bromelain (juice) chymopapain asclepain clostripain yeast proteinase B streptopain insulinase gamma-glutamyl hydrolase staphylococcal cysteine proteinase actinidain cathepsin L cathepsin H calpain prolyl endopeptidase (thiol-dependent) endo-oligopeptidase dinorphin-converting enzyme yeast cysteine proteinase E yeast cysteine proteinase D yeast cysteine proteinase F cathepsin T glycyl endopeptidase cancer procoagulant cathepsin S picornain 3C picornain 2A Caricain Ananain Stem bromelain Fruit bromelain Legumain Histolysain caspase-1 gingipain R cathepsin K adenain bleomycin hydrolase cathepsin F cathepsin O cathepsin V nuclear-inclusion-a endopeptidase helper-component proteinase L-peptidase gingipain K staphopain separase V-cath endopeptidase cruzipain calpain-1 calpain-2 calpain-3 caspase-2 caspase-3 caspase-4 caspase-5 caspase-6 caspase-7 caspase-8 caspase-9 caspase-10 caspase-11 peptidase 1 (mite) calicivirin zingipain Ulp1 peptidase SARS coronavirus main proteinase sortase A sortase B
3.4.22.B1 vignain
3.4.22.B5 CPB protease
3.4.22.B6 cathepsin B-like protease
3.4.22.B8 Tpr proteinase (Porphyromonas gingivalis)
3.4.22.B14 papain-like proteinase 1
3.4.22.B15 rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus 3C-like protease
3.4.22.B19 YopJ protease
3.4.22.B20 PfpI endopeptidase
3.4.22.B24 calpain 4
3.4.22.B25 calpain 5
3.4.22.B26 calpain 6
3.4.22.B27 calpain 7
3.4.22.B28 calpain 8
3.4.22.B29 calpain 9
3.4.22.B30 calpain 10
3.4.22.B31 calpain 11
3.4.22.B32 calpain 12
3.4.22.B35 calpain 15
3.4.22.B36 calpain A
3.4.22.B37 calpain B
3.4.22.B38 calpain C
3.4.22.B47 legume cysteine endopeptidase
3.4.22.B49 cathepsin L1
3.4.22.B50 papain-like proteinase 2
3.4.22.B60 cathepsin L2
3.4.22.B61 cathepsin L5
3.4.22.B62 cathepsin L3
3.4.22.B63 sortase C
3.4.22.B64 sortase D
3.4.22.B65 cathepsin P
3.4.22.B66 caspase-12
3.4.22.B67 Ulp2 peptidase
3.4.22.B68 EhCP4 proteinase
3.4.22.B69 falcipain-2
3.4.22.B70 SENP1 peptidase
3.4.22.B71 SENP2 peptidase
3.4.22.B72 SENP3 peptidase
3.4.22.B73 SENP5 peptidase
3.4.22.B74 SENP6 peptidase
3.4.22.B75 SENP7 peptidase
3.4.22.B76 Allium alpha-fibrinogenase AFTEII
3.4.22.B77 Sulfolobus solfataricus peptidase
3.4.22.B78 endopepidase PH1704
3.4.22.B79 nsP2 protease
3.4.22.B80 SARS-CoV papain-like protease