carbonic anhydrase

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(CA) XIV, AaCA1, alpha class carbonic anhydrase, alpha-CA, alpha-carbonic anhydrase, alpha-class carbonic anhydrase, alpha-type carbonic anhydrase, alphaCA, alphaCA1, anhydrase, BCA II, bCA IV, BCAII, BCAIIGln253Cys, beta-CA, beta-carbonic anhydrase, beta-class carbonic anhydrase, betaCA, betaCA1, bovine carbonic anhydrase II, bsCA I, bsCA II, CA, CA 1, CA 3, CA I, CA II, CA III, CA IV, CA IX, CA VA, CA VB, CA VI, CA VII, CA VIII, CA XII, CA XIII, CA XIV, Ca XV, CA-I, CA-II, CA-III, CA-IX, CA-VA, CA-VB, CA-VI, CA-VII, CA-XII, CA-XIV, CA1, CA14x, CA2, CA3, CA9, CAA1, CAA2, Cab, cab-type beta-class carbonic anhydrase, cadmium carbonic anhydrase, CAH3, CAH7, CAH8, CAI, CAII, CAIII, CAIV, CAIX, Cam, CamH, Can2, CaNce103, carbonate anhydrase, Carbonate dehydratase, carbonate dehydratase I, carbonate dehydratase III, Carbonate dehydratase IX, Carbonate dehydratase VA, Carbonate dehydratase VB, Carbonate dehydratase VI, Carbonate dehydratase VII, Carbonate dehydratase XII, Carbonate dehydratase XIV, carbonate hydro-lyase, carbonate hydrolase, carbonate hydrolyase, carbonic acid anhydrase, carbonic anhydrase, carbonic anhydrase 1, carbonic anhydrase 14, carbonic anhydrase 2, carbonic anhydrase 3, carbonic anhydrase cambialistic enzyme, carbonic anhydrase I, carbonic anhydrase I (CA I) Michigan 1, carbonic anhydrase II, carbonic anhydrase III, carbonic anhydrase isozyme I, carbonic anhydrase isozyme II, carbonic anhydrase isozyme III, carbonic anhydrase isozyme IV, carbonic anhydrase isozyme IX, carbonic anhydrase IV, carbonic anhydrase IX, carbonic anhydrase type III, carbonic anhydrase V, carbonic anhydrase VI, carbonic anhydrase VII, carbonic anhydrase XII, carbonic anhydrase XIII, carbonic anhydrase XIV, carbonic anhydrase XV, carbonic anhydrase-I, carbonic anhydrase-II, carbonic anhydrase-related protein, carbonic anhydrase-related protein VIII, carbonic dehydratase, carboxyanhydrase, CARP, CAS1, CAS2, CasCAc, CasCAg, CAV, CAXII, CcmM, CDCA1, chloroplast carbonic anhydrase, clCA, CO2 hydrase, CO2 hydratase, CPB, CsoSCA, CynT2, cytoplasmic carbonic anhydrase, Dca, dCA I, dCA II, dCAII, dehydratase, carbonate, diatom carbonic anhydrase, Dsp-aCAopt sp., E84A MTCA, eCA, ECCA, erythrocyte carbonic anhydrase, external carbonic anhydrase, extracellular carbonic anhydrase, FbiCA 1, gamma-CA, gamma-carbonic anhydrase, gamma-class carbonic anhydrase, gammaCA, H216N ATCA, H64A HCA II, HC II, HCA, hCA I, HCA II, hCA III, hCA IV, hCA IX, hCA VA, hCA VB, hCA VI, hCA VII, hCA XII, hCA XIV, hCA XIV catalytic domain, HCA-I, HCA-II, hCAII, HICA, HP1186, hpalphaCA, hpbetaCA, human carbonic anhydrase, human carbonic anhydrase I, human carbonic anhydrase II, human carbonic anhydrase III, human carbonic anhydrase isoenzyme I, human carbonic anhydrase isoenzyme II, human carbonic anhydrase IX, human carbonic anhydrase XII, Ice-CA, isozyme CA II, isozyme CA IV, LdcCA, lwCA, mCA V, mCA XIII, Membrane antigen MN, MG-CA, More, Nce103, NGCA, NstCcmM209, OEC33 protein, P54/58N, PgiCA, plant-type (beta-class) carbonic anhydrase, pMW1, PtCA1, RCC-associated antigen G250, Renal cell carcinoma-associated antigen G250, RT erythrocyte CA, Rv1284, SABP3, Salivary carbonic anhydrase, SazCA, scCA, Secreted carbonic anhydrase, secretory carbonic anhydrase, SspCA, STPCA, STPCA-2, TCAb, TCAc, TcCA, tobacco salicylic acid-binding protein 3, Tumor antigen HOM-RCC-3.1.3, TWCA1, TweCA, VchCA


     4 Lyases
         4.2 Carbon-oxygen lyases
             4.2.1 Hydro-lyases
       carbonic anhydrase