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Preferential cleavage: Arg-/-, Lys-/-, but with additional information restricted specificity than trypsin =


alpha 1-tryptase, alpha tryptase, alpha-tryptase, basal serum tryptase, beta tryptase I, beta tryptase II, beta-tryptase, betaII-tryptase, BLCT, bovine liver capsule tryptase, bovine mast cell tryptase, BTM, delta-tryptase, gamma-tryptase, group 2 tryptase, HAST, HMC-1 tryptase, HTbeta, human beta-tryptase, human betaII-tryptase, human lung tryptase, human mast cell tryptase, human mast cell tryptase beta I, human tryptase alpha, human tryptase beta, human tryptase beta/2, human tryptase-beta, Lung tryptase, Mast cell neutral proteinase, mast cell protease 11, mast cell protease 6, mast cell protease 7, Mast cell protease II, mast cell protease-6, Mast cell proteinase II, Mast cell tryptase, mast cell tryptase beta, mast cell-specific protease, mast cell-specific tryptase, MC protease 6, MC protease 7, MC protease-6, MC tryptase, MCP-11, MCP-6, MCP-7, MCT, mMCP-6, mouse mast cell protease 6, mouse mast cell protease-6, Pituitary tryptase, Proteinase, mast cell neutral, Proteinase, mast cell serine, II, Proteinase, mast cell serine, tryptase, Prss31, Rat mast cell protease II, rHT, S-tryptase, sBT, serine protease tryptase, serum baseline tryptase, serum mast cell tryptase, serum tryptase, Skin tryptase, TMT, transmembrane tryptase, tryptase, tryptase alpha, tryptase alpha-1, tryptase beta, tryptase beta-1, tryptase beta-2, Tryptase M, Tryptase, skin, tryptase-2, tryptase-beta, tryptase-beta1


     3 Hydrolases
         3.4 Acting on peptide bonds (peptidases)
             3.4.21 Serine endopeptidases