tRNA pseudouridine55 synthase

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tRNA uridine55
tRNA pseudouridine55


aCBF5, Cbf5, Mj-Pus10, MjPus10, pfuCbf5, pseudouridine 55 synthase, pseudouridine synthase TruB, pseuduridine-55 synthase, PSI synthase TruB, PSI55 synthase, PSI55 synthaseuB, psi55 tRNA pseudouridine synthase, psi55S, Pus10, Pus4, RNA pseudouridine synthase TruB, TR, tRNA pseudouridine 55 synthase, tRNA pseudouridine synthase, tRNA PSI 55 synthase, tRNA:pseudouridine-55 synthase, tRNA:PSI55 synthase, tRNA:PSI55-synthase, TruB, YNL292w


     5 Isomerases
         5.4 Intramolecular transferases
             5.4.99 Transferring other groups
       tRNA pseudouridine55 synthase