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Information on EC - D-Serine ammonia-lyase

for references in articles please use BRENDA:EC4.3.1.18
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EC Tree
     4 Lyases
         4.3 Carbon-nitrogen lyases
             4.3.1 Ammonia-lyases
       D-Serine ammonia-lyase
IUBMB Comments
A pyridoxal-phosphate protein. The enzyme cleaves a carbon-oxygen bond, releasing a water molecule (hence the enzyme's original classification as EC, D-serine dehydratase) and an unstable enamine product that tautomerizes to an imine form, which undergoes a hydrolytic deamination to form pyruvate and ammonia. The latter reaction, which can occur spontaneously, can also be catalysed by EC, 2-iminobutanoate/2-iminopropanoate deaminase. Also acts, slowly, on D-threonine.
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Word Map
The enzyme appears in viruses and cellular organisms
Reaction Schemes
d-serine dehydratase, d-serine deaminase, dsdase, dsd1p, d-serine ammonia lyase, dsdsc, d-serine ammonia-lyase, d-serine dehydrase, d-ser dehydratase, more
D-Serine = pyruvate + NH3
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