RNA helicase

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a nucleoside triphosphate
a nucleoside diphosphate


1a NTPase/helicase, AtHELPS, ATP/dATP-dependent RNA helicase, ATPase, ATPase/helicase, ATPase/RNA helicase, AtRH3, BmL3-helicase, BMV 1a protein, Brr2p, Cbu_0670, ChlR1 helicase, CrhR, DBP2, DbpA, DDX17, DDX19, DDX19B, DDX21, DDX21 RNA helicase, DDX25, DDX3, DDX3X, DDX3Y, DDX4, DDX5, DDX58, DEAD box helicase, DEAD box RNA helicase, DEAD-box helicase, DEAD-box protein DED1, DEAD-box RNA helicase, DEAD-box rRNA helicase, DEAH box protein 34, DEAH-box protein 2, DEAH-box RNA helicase, DED1, DENV NS3H, DEx(H/D)RNA helicase, DEXD/H-box RNA helicase, dexh helicase, DExH protein RNA helicase A, DHX34, DHX36, DHX9, Dhx9/RNA helicase A, EhDEAD1, EhDEAD1 RNA helicase, eIF4A, eIF4A helicase, eIF4AIII, eukaryotic initiation factor eIF 4A, FRH, FRQ-interacting RNA helicase, gonadotropin-regulated testicular RNA helicase, GRTH, GRTH/DDX25, HCV NS3 helicase, HEL-1, helicase, helicase 1, helicase B, helicase/nucleoside triphosphatase, HRpA, KOKV helicase, Lmo1722, mitochondrial DEAD-box RNA helicase, Mss116p, mtr4, Mtr4p, NA-helicase, non structural protein 3, non-structural 3, non-structural protein 3, non-structural protein 3 protein, nonstructural protein 3, NPH-II, NS3, NS3 ATPase/helicase, NS3 helicase, NS3 NTPase/helicase, NS3 protein, NTPase/helicase, nucleoside 5'-triphosphatase, nucleoside triphosphatase/helicase, nucleoside triphosphatase/RNA helicase and 5'-RNA triphosphatase, p54 RNA helicase, p68 RNA helicase, protein NS3, Prp5, RH22, RHA, RhlB, RIG-I, RNA DEAD-box helicase, RNA helicase, RNA helicase A, RNA helicase CrhR, RNA helicase DDX3, RNA helicase Ddx39, RNA helicase DDX6, RNA helicase DHX34, RNA helicase HEL-1, RNA helicase Hera, RNA Helicase p68, RNA helicase RHAU, RNA splicing effector, RNA-dependent ATPase, RNA-dependent NTPase/helicase, RNA-helicase, RTPase, slr0083, SpolvlgA, Supv3L1, TaRH1, TGBp1 NTPase/helicase domain, Tk-DeaD, Triticum aestivum RNA helicase, Upf1, Vasa, VRH1, YxiN, ZmRH3, ZmRH3A, ZmRH3B


     3 Hydrolases
         3.6 Acting on acid anhydrides
             3.6.4 Acting on acid anhydrides to facilitate cellular and subcellular movement
       RNA helicase