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Preferential cleavage at the carboxyl of hydrophobic amino acids, but fails to cleave Leu15-Tyr, Tyr16-Leu and Phe24-Phe of insulin B chain. Activates trypsinogen, and degrades keratin =


Aspartate protease, aspartic protease, aspartic protease 2, aspartic protease Sap2p, aspartic proteinase 3, aspartyl protease Sap2p, aspartyl protease Sap4, aspartyl protease Sap5, aspartyl protease Sap6, aspartyl proteinase, candialbicin, Candida albicans aspartic proteinase, Candida albicans carboxyl proteinase, Candida albicans secretory acid proteinase, Candida albicans-secreted aspartic proteinase, Candida olea acid proteinase, Candidapepsin-1, candidapepsin-2, EC, Proteinase, Candida albicans aspartic, Proteinase, Candida aspartic, Proteinase, Candida olea aspartic, SAP, SAP1, Sap10, SAP11, Sap1p, SAP2, Sap2p, SAP2X, SAP3, Sap3p, SAP4, Sap4p, SAP5, Sap5p, SAP6, Sap6p, Sap7, Sap7p, Sap8, Sap8p, Sap9, Sap9p, Sapp1p, Sapp2p, SAPT1, Sapt1p, SAPT2, SAPT3, SAPT4, secreted aspartic protease, secreted aspartic protease 1, secreted aspartic proteinase, secreted aspartic proteinase 1, secreted aspartic proteinase 2, secreted aspartic proteinase-2, secreted aspartyl peptidase, secreted aspartyl protease, secreted aspartyl proteinase, secreted aspartyl proteinase2, secreted aspartyl proteinases, secreted aspartyl-type peptidase, secretory aspartyl proteinase, secretory aspartyl proteinase SAP1, secretory aspartyl proteinase SAP2p, secretory aspartyl proteinase SAP3p, secretory aspartyl proteinase SAP4p, secretory aspartyl proteinase SAP5p, secretory aspartyl proteinase SAP6p


     3 Hydrolases
         3.4 Acting on peptide bonds (peptidases)
             3.4.23 Aspartic endopeptidases

Specific Activity

Specific Activity on EC - Candidapepsin

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