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5-8F cell, 6-10B cell, A-253 cell, adenoid, adenoid cystic carcinoma cell, adenomatoid odontogenic tumor cell, alveolar mucosa, ameloblast, ameloblastic layer, ameloblastoma cell, B7E3 cell, BHY cell, buccal epithelial cell, buccal epithelium, buccal mucosa, C666-1 cell, Ca9-22 cell, CAL-27 cell, CAL-33 cell, CNE-1 cell, CNE-2 cell, crop, dental follicle, dental papilla, dental plaque, dental pulp, dentin, enamel epithelium, enamel organ, endostyle, epithelial lining fluid, FaDu cell, gingiva, gingival epithelium, gingival fibroblast, gingival fluid, hatching gland, hatching liquid, HCFMK-1 cell, HGF cell, HK-1 cell, HLaC-78 cell, HNE-1 cell, HO-1-N-1 cell, HO-1-u-1 cell, HONE-1 cell, HSC-2 cell, HSC-3 cell, HSC-4 cell, hypopharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma cell, hypopharynx, incisor, keratocyst, labial gland, labial palp, lantern muscle, lip, lip epithelium, mandibular incisor, mandibular organ, MDA-1483 cell, MDA-686Ln cell, molaris, mouth, NA cell, nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell, nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell line, nasopharynx, nasopharynx epithelium, NP-69 cell, NPC-TW01 cell, NPC-TW02 cell, NPC-TW03 cell, NPC-TW04 cell, OC-3 cell, odontoblast, odontoclast, OECM-1 cell, OKF-6 cell, oral cancer cell, oral cancer cell line, oral epithelial cell, oral epithelium, oral lichen planus disease specific cell type, oral mucosa, oral squamous cell carcinoma cell line, oronasal squamous cell carcinoma cell, oropharynx, palate, palatine uvula, parotid acinar cell, parotid gland, parotid gland duct, parotid gland duct epithelium, parotid gland tumor cell, periodontal ligament, periodontal ligament cell, periodontium, pharyngeal epithelium, pharyngeal gland, pharyngeal mucosa, pharyngeal muscle, pharyngeal pad, pharyngeal tooth, pharynx, pleomorphic adenoma cell, posterior pharynx, primary enamel knot, radula, radular muscle, saliva, salivary duct, salivary duct cancer cell, salivary gland, salivary gland cancer cell, salivary gland cell line, salivary gland epithelium, SAS cell, SCC-15 cell, SCC-25 cell, SCC-4 cell, SCC-9 cell, serous acinar cell, serous cell, SMG-C6 cell, sputum, stellate reticulum, stratum intermedium, sublingual gland, sublingual gland duct epithelium, submandibular gland, submandibular gland duct, submandibular gland duct epithelium, SUNE-1 cell, taste bud, Tca-8113 cell, tentacle, tongue, tongue cancer cell, tongue cancer cell line, tongue epithelial cell line, tongue epithelium, tongue muscle, tooth, tooth enamel, TSCCA cell, UM-SCC-17B cell, UM-SCC-5 cell, UT-SCC-9 cell, vallate papilla, venom, venom apparatus, venom duct, venom gland, venom sac