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1682-A cell, A7 cell, AML-12 cell, ARL-15C1 cell, ARL-16T2 cell, AS-30D cell, BEL-7402 cell, BEL-7404 cell, BEL-7404-CP20 cell, bile, bile canaliculus, bile duct, bile duct epithelium, BNL CL.2 cell, BNL-HCC cell, BRL cell, BRL-3A cell, CBRH-7919 cell, Chang cell, chloragocyte, chloragogen cell, cholangiocarcinoma cell, cholangiocarcinoma cell line, cholangiocyte, cholangioma cell, FAA-HTC1 cell, FAO cell, FAZA cell, FHCC-98 cell, FL83B cell, FTO-2B cell, GN5 cell, GP6 cell, GRX cell, H2.35 cell, H4-II-E-C3 cell, H4TG cell, HA22T/VGH cell, HB611 cell, Hca-F cell, HCCLM-9 cell, HEP-3B cell, Hep-G2 cell, Hep-G2/2.15 cell, HEP-G2/2.2.1 cell, Hep-G2/ADM cell, Hep-G2/C3A cell, HEPA 1-6 cell, Hepa-1 cell, Hepa-1c1c7 cell, Hepa-RG cell, HepAD38 cell, hepatic stellate cell, hepatic stellate cell line, hepatobiliary carcinoma cell, hepatoblastoma cell, hepatoblastoma cell line, hepatocyte, hepatoma ascites cell, hepatoma ascites cell line, hepatoma cell, hepatoma cell line, hepatoma HLE cell, HHL-5 cell, HL-7702 cell, HL1C cell, HSC-180 cell, HSC-T6 cell, HTC cell, HTC-4 cell, HuCCT-1 cell, HuH-1 cell, HuH-6 cell, HuH-7 cell, Huh-7.5 cell, Huh-7.5.1 cell, IHH cell, J5 hepatoma cell, J7 hepatoma cell, KKU-100 cell, KKU-M139 cell, KMBC cell, Kupffer cell, LH-86 cell, LI90 cell, liver, liver cancer cell, liver cell line, liver epithelial cell line, liver sinusoidal endothelial cell, Lunet-Con1 cell, LX-1 cell, LX-2 cell, M22 cell, Mahlavu cell, McA-RH7777 cell, MH134 cell, MHCC-97 cell, MHCC97-H cell, MHCC97-L cell, MIHA cell, Morris hepatoma 3924A cell, Morris hepatoma 7316A cell, Morris hepatoma 7777 cell, Morris hepatoma 7800C1 cell, Morris hepatoma cell, Mz-ChA-1 cell, Novikoff ascites tumor cell, Novikoff hepatoma cell, OC/CDE22 cell, OR-6 cell, ORL-8 cell, PH5CH-8 cell, PLC-PRF-5 cell, PLHC-1/dox cell, QGY-7703 cell, QZG cell, RL-19 cell, RTH-149 cell, RzM6-LC cell, SK-ChA-1 cell, SK-HEP-1 cell, SMMC-7721 cell, SNU-182 cell, SNU-354 cell, SNU-368 cell, SNU-398 cell, SNU-423 cell, SNU-449 cell, SNU-475 cell, SOB-15 cell, TAMH cell, THC-252 cell, THC-H5D cell, THLE-5b cell, WB-311 cell, WB-F344 cell, WIF-B cell, WIF-B9 cell, WT-8 cell, Yoshida AH-130 cell, Yoshida AH-66 cell, Yoshida ascites hepatoma cell line, YY-8103 cell