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Details for Borrelia duttonii
NCBI 40834
Found 218 enzymes for Borrelia duttonii
  1. Borrelia duttonii (Novy and Knapp 1906) Bergey et al. 1925
  2. "Spirillum duttoni" (sic) Novy and Knapp 1906
  3. Spirillum duttoni
  4. "Spirochaeta duttoni" (sic) (Novy and Knapp 1906) Breinl 1906
  5. Spirochaeta duttoni
  6. Borrelia duttoni
  7. no culture available
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Bacteria can be found in Brenda BRENDA pathways(superkingdom)
Borrelia can be found in Brenda BRENDA pathways(genus)