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Details for Campylobacterales
NCBI 213849
Found 1436 enzymes for Campylobacterales
  1. Campylobacterales Garrity et al. 2006
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9 subitems Archaea can be found in Brenda BRENDA pathways(superkingdom)
Bacteria can be found in Brenda BRENDA pathways(superkingdom)
2 subitems Aquificae can be found in Brenda BRENDA pathways(phylum)
2 subitems Alkaligence (genus)
bacterium can be found in Brenda BRENDA pathways(species)
bacterium 0218 (species)
bacterium 1-1 (species)
bacterium 1-2 (species)
bacterium 1-2B (species)
bacterium 1-3 (species)
bacterium 1-31 (species)
bacterium 1-34 (species)
bacterium 1-3A (species)
bacterium 1-4 (species)
bacterium 1-4A (species)
bacterium 1-5 (species)
bacterium 1-7A (species)
bacterium 1.1 (species)
bacterium 1.2 (species)
bacterium 1.3 (species)
bacterium 1.4 (species)
bacterium 1.5 (species)
bacterium 1.6 (species)
bacterium 1.7 (species)
bacterium 1.8 (species)
bacterium 10 (species)
bacterium 101 (species)
bacterium 102 (species)
bacterium 103 (species)
bacterium 10A1 (species)
bacterium 10BL (species)
bacterium 10c (species)
bacterium 10F (species)
bacterium 10M (species)
bacterium 10Q (species)
bacterium 10RD (species)
bacterium 10WB (species)
bacterium 11+ (species)
bacterium 110 (species)
bacterium 111 (species)
bacterium 113 (species)
bacterium 114 (species)
bacterium 115 (species)
bacterium 1150 (species)
bacterium 1153 (species)
bacterium 1158 (species)
bacterium 116 (species)
bacterium 1164 (species)
bacterium 1165 (species)
bacterium 117 (species)
bacterium 1182 (species)
bacterium 1188 (species)
bacterium 11BK (species)
bacterium 11BL (species)
bacterium 11F (species)
bacterium 11GR (species)
bacterium 11M (species)
bacterium 11RD (species)
bacterium 11WB (species)
bacterium 12-1 (species)
bacterium 121 (species)
bacterium 122 (species)
bacterium 123 (species)
bacterium 124 (species)
bacterium 125 (species)
bacterium 126 (species)
bacterium 127 (species)
bacterium 128 (species)
bacterium 129 (species)
bacterium 12BK (species)
bacterium 12BL (species)
bacterium 12br (species)
bacterium 12GR (species)
bacterium 12M (species)