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Molecules containing 4-Amino-5-hexenoic acid:
22 entries found in 5 seconds, scanned 129 of 195 fingerprint hits (66%)
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4-aminohex-5-enoic acid, 4-Amino-5-hexenoic acid, 4-Amino-hex-5-enoic acid, gamma-vinyl 4-aminobutanoate, vinyl-GABA
(-)-4-amino-cyclopent-2-enecarboxylic acid
5-amino-1,3-cyclohexadienyl carboxylic acid, 5-amino-1,3-cyclohexadienylcarboxylic acid, 5-amino-1,3-cyclohexadienylcarboxylate, 3-amino-2,3-dihydrobenzoic acid