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EC Number
Amino acid exchange
site-directed mutagenesis, the point mutation in OsCRD1 does not change its location, but leads to deficiency in chlorophyll biosynthesis and chloroplast development and decreases photosynthetic capacity in rice, phenotype
naturally occurring mutation, the mutation in enzyme MPEC causes the phenotype of the rice pale-green leaf mutant m167, phenotype
chlorophyll fluorescence analysis of Arabidopsis wild-type Col-0 and PeMPEC transgenic plants, overview
construction of a mutants lacking chlAI, chlAII, slr0905, sll1242, or slr0309, respectively, the DELTAchlAI mutant fails to grow under aerobic conditions with anomalous accumulation of a pigment with fluorescence emission peak at 595 nm, the growth defect is restored by the cultivation under oxygen-limited micro-oxic conditions. MPE accumulation is also detected in DELTAchlAII mutant grown under microoxic conditions, but not in any of the bchE mutants. The phenotype is consistent with the expression pattern of two chlA genes: chlAII was induced under micro-oxic conditions in contrast to the constitutive expression of chlAI, phenotypes, overview
construction of xantha-l35, xantha-l81, xantha-l82, viridis-k23, and viridis-k170 mutants, the mutants are all inactive in cyclase activity, phenotypes of mutant plants, overview
generation of subunit YL-1 mutants yl-1, phenotype, overview. The yl-1 mutant shows a yellow leaf and panicle phenotype with reduced chlorophyll accumulation through the whole growth phases. Mutant yl-1 exhibits the temperature-independent yellow leaf phenotype, it presents abnormal chloroplast development and attenuated photosynthetic efficiency
identification of a xantha-l mutant, defective in a gene of Mg-protoporphyrin monomethyl ester cyclase, the mutant does not show the gun mutant phenotype, that is defective in the chloroplast-to-nucleus signal transduction and expresses Lhc even when chloroplast development is inhibited by the herbicide norflurazon, the xantha-181 mutant can synthesize Mg-protoporphyrin IX and Mg-protoporphyrin IX monomethyl ester, phenotype, overview
isolation of an Oryza sativa yellow-green leaf 8 (ygl8) mutant that exhibits chlorosis phenotype with abnormal chloroplast development in young leaves. During the development of leaves, the chlorotic plants turn green accompanied by restorations in chlorophyll content and chloroplast ultrastructure. Expression levels of some nuclear genes associated with Chl biosynthesis are affected in both the ygl8 mutant and YGL8 RNA interference lines. Phenotype, overview. Ygl8 knockout by RNAi
mutant m167 is isolated from a EMS mutagenized population from the Japonica rice variety Kitaake. To construct the F2 mapping population, the yellow-green leaf rice mutant m167 is crossed with rice varieties Zhefu802 and Dular, respectively, genotyping of F2 population
mutant plants are complemented with enzyme construct fused to GFP at C-terminus under native promoter or a constitutive 35S-promoter control, suppressing the mutant phenotype, N-terminal deletion of the first 39 amino acids leads to location in the cytosol instead of chloroplast membrane (crucial localization signal)
Results 1 - 10 of 13 > >>