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EC Number
Crystallization (Commentary)
sitting drop vapor diffusion method, using 0.1 M sodium citrate, pH 5.5, 0.2 M sodium acetate, and 5% (w/w) PEG 4000
to 1.85 A resolution. Enzyme consists of three identical subunits related by local three-fold symmetry. The monomer is comprised of a spiral and a helical domain with a fold characteristic of the crotonase superfamily. A putative active site residue, Asp136, is situated in an active site cavity and surrounded by several hydrophobic and hydrophilic residues. The active site cavity is sufficiently large to accommodate a ring substrate. Two conformations are observed for helix H2 located adjacent to the active site. Helix H2 is kinked at Asn81 in two subunits, whereas it is kinked at Leu77 in the other subunit, and the side chain of Tyr80 is closer to Asp136. This indicates that catalytic reaction of PaaG may proceed with large conformational changes at the active site
Results 1 - 2 of 2