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EC Number
Crystallization (Commentary)
as complex with PII protein, NAGK binds Mg2+, ADP, arginine and N-acetylglutamate; hanging drop vapor diffusion method at room temperature, crystal structure of a complex formed between two homotrimers of PII and a single hexamer of enzyme bound to the metabolites N-acetylglutamate, ADP, ATP, and arginine
crystal structure of Maricaulis maris NAGS/K (mmNAGS/K) at 2.7 A resolution shows that it is a tetramer
crystal structure of the complex between acetylglutamate kinase and PII of Synechococcus elongatus, at 2.75 A resolution
crystal structures of both the DUF619 domain-lacking yNAGK, ligand-free as well as complexed with acetylglutamate or acetylglutamate and arginine, and of complete mature yNAGK are determined. yNAGK has as central structure a flat tetramer formed by two dimers of amino acid kinase domains
crystal structures of EcNAGK free from substrates or complexed with the product N-acetyl-L-glutamyl-5-phosphate (NAGP) and with sulfate are determined at 2 A resolution. Structures reveal a novel, very open NAGK conformation to which substrates associate and from which roducts dissociate. In this conformation, the C-domain, which hosts most of the nucleotide site, rotates 24°-28° away from the N-domain, which hosts the acetylglutamate site, whereas the empty ATP site also exhibits some changes
hanging-drop vapor diffusion method
in complex with arginine
in complex with MgADP-, N-acetyl-glutamte, AlF4-, with MgADP-, N-acetyl-glutamte, with ADp and SO42-
of the recombinant wild type protein, the selenomethionine substituted enzyme, the mutants and the methylated enzyme, cocrystallization with ATP, ADP, acetyl-CoA, CoA, N-acetyl-L-glutamate, adenylylimidodiphosphate, arginine
Results 1 - 10 of 12 > >>