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Crystallization (Commentary)
crystals are grown by hanging drop method, structures of the enzyme bound to nictotinamide are determined from a single crystal diffracting to 2.4 A resolution. The structures show that free nicotinamide binds in a conserved pocket that participates in NAD+ binding and catalysis
hanging drop vapor diffusion at 20°C. Crystal structures in complex with ADP-ribose and the non-hydrolyzable analog of O-acetyl-ADP-ribose, 2'-N-acetyl-ADP-ribose
hanging drop vapor diffusion method at 18°C, crystal structure of Sirt6 in complex with a histone H3 K9 myristoyl peptide and ADPribose at 2.2 A resolution
hanging drop vapor diffusion method, cocrystal of enzyme with [histone H3 peptide]-N6-myristoyl-L-lysine
vapor diffusion at 20°C, crystal structure of the enzyme bound to KGLGKGGA(N6-myristoyl)KRHRKW
Results 1 - 5 of 5