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Crystallization (Commentary)
crystal structures of the enzyme with FAD in oxidized (1.9 A resolution) and reduced (3.03 A resolution) states. Crystals are obtained through the hanging drop vapor diffusion method
purified recombinant detagged enzyme mutant N323A complexed with NADP+ and ornithine, hanging drop vapor diffusion method and microseeding, mixing of mixing of 8 mg/ml SidA N323A mutant protein, preincubated with 1 mM NADP+ and 100 mM ornithine, with an equal volume of reservoir solution containing 0.1 M HEPES, pH 6.6, 1.86 M ammonium sulfate, and 1% v/v dioxane, X-ray diffraction structure determination and analysis at 2.10 A resolution
Results 1 - 2 of 2