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EC Number
overexpressed in Escherichia coli
recombinant expression of chimeric enzyme mutants RluCD in Escherichia coli strains M15 and CD204, expression of chimeric pseudouridine synthase RluCD, under control of arabinose inducible araBAD promoter, interferes with ribosome formation in wild-type M15 strain and strain CD204 lacking RluC and RluD, while cells transformed with catalytically inactive RluCD (RluCD D139N) and empty vector (pQE60), used as a controls, represent a normal ribosomal profile in sucrose density gradient. Strain CD204 contains a mutant form of RF-2 (D131Y) that suppresses ribosome assembly defect caused by the deletion of the RluD. Strain rluD114 where yfiI (RluD) gene has been disrupted with Km cassette is used as a parent strain to construct strain CD204
Results 1 - 3 of 3