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EC Number
Cloned (Commentary)
expressed in Escherichia coli
expressed in Escherichia coli BL21(DE3) and DH5alpha
expression in Eschericha coli BL21(DE3)
expression in Escherichia coli
expression in Escherichia coli BL21
expression in Escherichia coli BL21(DE3)
gene L780, transcription profiling of UGER, phylogenetic analysis
gene Z544R, transcription profiling of UGER, phylogenetic analysis
PCR product cloned into pET-32a(+) to construct pDH32 and transformed into Escherichia coli BL21 (DE3) to give pDH32BL for protein expression. PCR product cloned into EcoRI/HindIII of pIBR25 to construct a recombinant vector, pDHC25. The vector pDHC25 subsequently transformed into the rmbB-knockout mutant of Streptomyces peucetius DHNEO by PEG-mediated protoplast transformation
Results 1 - 10 of 10