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EC Number
ACE2 expressed in Chinese hamster ovary cells specifically binds to glutathione-S-transferase-calmodulin, but not glutathione-S-transferase alone
ACE2 expression analysis
ACE2 expression analysis by RT-PCR
cloning and expression of a constitutively secreted form of ACE2, WKY rats are transduced with lentiviral vector containing shACE2. The plasma ACE2 levels could be increased by lentivector-mediated shACE2 gene transfer. This provides a tool to investigate the role of this enzyme in the development of the cardiovascular disease both through the role of hyperactivity of the RAS and through infectious agents
cloning of the enzyme utilizing the murine cytomegalovirus immediate early gene promoter, MCMV Pr, in an adenoviral vector for ACE2 overexpression in rats as a gene therapy model. overview
development of a transgenic mouse model (syn-hACE2) where the full open reading frame of the human ACE2 gene is under the control of a synapsin promoter, allowing the hACE2 protein to be expressed specifically in neurons
DNA and amino acid sequence determination, gene maps to choromosomal location Xp22, expression in CHO cells of the wild-type and of the soluble truncated mutant, the latter as c-Myc- and His-tagged protein
expressed in CHO cells
expressed in Escherichia coli BL21(DE3) cells
expressed in HEK 293-T cells
Results 1 - 10 of 24 > >>