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EC Number
ATP-dependent RNA ligase; b1-10t; bacteriophage RNA ligase; band IV protein; class I ligase; class I RNA ligase ribozyme; DraRnI; DraRnl; DREL; gp24.1; P52; phage Rnl2; Polynucleotide synthetase; Polyribonucleotide ligase; Polyribonucleotide synthase (ATP); REL1; Ribonucleic ligase; ribonucleprotein editing complex; RM378 RNA ligase; RNA editing ligase 1; RNA ligase; RNA ligase (ATP); RNA ligase 1; RNA ligase 2; RNA ligase ribozyme; RNA-editing ligase 1; RNL; Rnl1; Rnl2; Rnl5; RnlA; RtcA; rtcB; Synthetase, polyribonucleotide; T4 RNA ligase; T4 RNA ligase 1; T4 RNA ligase 2; T4Rnl2; TbMP52; TbREL1; thermostable RNA ligase 1; Trl1
macromolecular complex with RNA ligase activity
Results 1 - 2 of 2