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EC Number
105-MtCM; 4-Amino-4-deoxychorismate mutase; 90-MtCM; AmtCM1; AmtCM2; AroH; AroQ; AtCM1; AtCM2; AtCM3; Bacillus subtilis chorismate mutase; BsAroH; BsCM; BsCM_2; chorismate mutase; chorismate mutase 1; Chorismate mutase/prephenate dehydratase; CM; CM type 2; CM0819; CM1; CM2; EcCM; EcCM-R; MI-CM-1; MI-CM-2; MjCM; MTB chorismate mutase; MTB CM; MtbCM; MtCM; Mutase, chorismate; Mycobacterium tuberculosis chorismate mutase; Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv chorismate mutase; P protein; P-protein; PheA; PpCM1; PpCM2; Rv0948c; SmCM; TtCM; y2828; YCM
chorismate mutase
belongs to the *AroQclass of chorismate mutases
bi-functional chorismate mutase/prephenate dehydratase
chorismate mutase-prephenate dehydrogenase; CM-prephenate dehydratase; CM-TyrAp
bifunctional enzyme
aro7; Bphy_7813; BTH_I1596; NC30; PheA; Rv1885c; Tparo7
gene name
gene name. Trifunctional enzyme EC (chorismate mutase)/EC (prephenate dehydratase)/EC (prephenate dehydrogenase)
CM-1; CM1; CM2
trifunctional enzyme EC (chorismate mutase)/EC (prephenate dehydratase)/EC (prephenate dehydrogenase)
Results 1 - 8 of 8