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EC Number
(poly alpha-l-guluronate) lyase; A1 alginate lyase; A1-II; A1-III; A1-IV'; A1m; AAlyase; AkAly30; AL2; ALG-5; Alg-A; Alg17C; Alg2A; AlgA; AlgB; AlgE7; AlgI; alginase I; alginate lyase; alginate lyase A; alginate lyase A1-II; alginate lyase A1-II'; alginate lyase A1-III; alginate lyase AlyPEEC; alginate lyase Atu3025; alginate lyase B; alginate lyase C; alginate lyase I; alginate lyase VI; alginate lyase1-III; AlgL; ALY; ALY-1; Aly-SJ02; Aly1; Aly2; Aly28; Aly30; Aly33; Aly7B; AlyA; AlyA5; AlyB; AlyDW11; ALYIII; alyPEEC; AlyPI; AlyPM; AlyQ; AlyV5; AlyVI; Atu3025; CL2; endo-type alginate lyase; endolytic poly(M) lyase; endolytic polymannuronate lyase; exotype alginate lyase; HdAlex; hdalex-1; HdAly; KJ-2 alginate lyase; LbAly28; lyase AlyA; lyase, alginate; Lysis protein; M block-specific polymannuronate lyase; mannuronate alginate lyase; MJ-3 alginate lyase; Oal17A; oligoalginate lyase; PL-5 alginate lyase; PM lyase; poly(1,4-beta-D-mannuronide) lyase; poly(beta-D-1,4-mannuronide) lyase; Poly(beta-D-mannuronate) lyase; poly(M) lyase; poly(M)lyase; Poly(mana) alginate lyase; poly(mana)alginate lyase; polymannuronate lyase; polyMG-specific alginate lyase; protein PA1167; SP2
AAlyase; alginate lyase
; isoform
AkAly28 and AkAly33 belong to polysaccharide lyase family 14
enzyme belongs to the family of secreted Ca2+-dependent epimerases
alg; Alg17C; Alg7D; AlgL; AXE80_11190; MY04_2544; NIS_0185; V12B01_24254; V12B01_24259
gene name
A1mU; A9mC; A9mL; Aly28; Aly32; Aly35; AlyA1; AlyA2; AlyA3
locus name
member of the polysaccharide lyase family 15
Results 1 - 10 of 11 > >>