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EC Number
(C3b)n,Bb; (CVF)-dependent glycine-rich-beta-glucoprotein; alternative C3 convertase; alternative C5 convertase; alternative complement pathway C3 convertase; alternative complement pathway C3(C5) convertase; alternative pathway C3 convertase; alternative pathway C3 convertase complex; alternative pathway C3-convertase; alternative pathway C5 convertase; alternative pathway of complement C3/C5 convertase; alternative-complement-pathway C3/C5 convertase; AP C3-convertase; AP C5 convertase; APC C3/C5 convertase; C3 convertase; C3 proactivator; C3/C5 convertase; C3b,Bb; C3b2; C3bB complex; C3bBb; C3bBb convertase; C3bBb3b; C3bBbC3b; C5 convertase; cobra venom factor-dependent C3 convertase; complement alternative pathway C3 convertase; complement C 3(C 5) convertase (amplification); complement component C3/C5 convertase (alternative); convertase, complement C3(C5) (amplification); CVF,Bb; CVFh,Bb; CVFn,Bb; GBG; Glycine-rich beta glycoprotein; heat-labile factor; PBF2; proenzyme factor B; properdin factor B
C5 convertase
binding of an additional C3b molecule to the C3 convertase forms the C5 convertase (C3bBbC3b) of the alternative pathway
Results 1 - 2 of 2