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EC Number
Aspergillus oryzae ribonuclease; barnase; Binase; guanyl-preferring RNase; Guanyl-specific RNase; guanylate endoribonuclease; Guanyloribonuclease; MycRne; Nuclease, guanyloribo-; Nuclease, ribo-, Aspergillus oryzae; ribonuclease; ribonuclease A; Ribonuclease C2; Ribonuclease Ch; ribonuclease E/G; Ribonuclease F1; ribonuclease G; Ribonuclease guaninenucleotido-2'-transferase (cyclizing); Ribonuclease N1; Ribonuclease N3; ribonuclease NT; ribonuclease Pb2; Ribonuclease PP1; Ribonuclease SA; ribonuclease Sa2; ribonuclease T1; Ribonuclease U1; RNase A; RNase E/G; RNase F1; RNase Fl1; RNase Fl2; RNase G; RNase He1; RNase Ms; RNase N1; RNase N2; RNase NT; RNase Pb1; RNase Pb2; RNase Pc; RNase Po1; RNase Pol; RNase Sa; RNase Sa2; RNase Sa3; RNase St; RNase T1; RNase Th1; RNase U1; Slr1129
RNase T1 RV
mutant RNase T1 K41E/Y42F/N43R/Y45W/E46N
RNase T1-R2
mutant RNase T1 K41E/Y42F/N43R/Y45W/E46N/W59Y
the enzyme belongs to the superfamily of microbial N1/T1 RNases
Gln25-RNase T1
two isoforms of RNase T1 exist in nature: one has Gln and the other Lys at position 25
Results 1 - 6 of 6