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EC Number
13-HSL; Blip; cardiac HSL; cold-active hormone-sensitive lipase; Est06; Est22; Est25; EstB; EstE5; EstE5 protein; family IV carboxylesterase; hormone-sensitive lipase; HSL; HSL protein; HSL-like carboxylesterase; HSL1; HSL2; HslB; Lip1; LIP2; LIP3; LipY; MdL2; MgLip2; MgLip3; MgMDL2; ovHSL; Rv3097c; secreted lipase; SsoNDELTA; SsoP1Est
MGL_0797; MGL_0799; MGL_4054; MGL_4197; SSO2517
gene name
longer version of SsoNDELTA the protein with an extended N-terminus
ovHSL-A; ovHSL-B
two isolated isoforms ovHSL-A and ovHSL-B contain two highly homologous Open Reading Frame (ORF) regions of 2.089 kb and 2.086 kb, respectively, ovHSL-B misses the 688th triplet coding for glutamine
alpha/beta hydrolase
Results 1 - 6 of 6