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EC Number
AtCLH1; AtCLH2; BoCLH1; Chase 1; Chl-degrading enzyme; CHL1; Chlase; Chlase 2; Chlase1; Chlase2; chlorophyll chlorophyllido-hydrolase; chlorophyll chlorophyllido-hydrolyase; chlorophyll chlorophyllidohydrolase; chlorophyll-chlorophyllide hydrolase; chlorophyll-chlorophyllido hydrolase; chlorophyll-chlorophyllido-hydrolase; chlorophyll-chlorophyllidohydrolase; chlorophyllase; chlorophyllase 1; chlorophyllase 2; chlorophyllase family protein; Chlorophyllase multi-domain protein; chlorophyllase type 0; Chlorophyllase-1; chlorophyllase-2; chlorophyllase-like; chlorophyllase1; CLH; CLH1; CLH2; CLH3; coronatine-induced protein; CrCLH1; CyanoCLH; CYY8467 Chlase2; IbChlase
; gene name
ADK38_11350; ADK43_31155; ADK78_03330; ADL21_28415; ADL28_40565; ADL32_23315; AJAP_22265; AMED_0735; AtCLH1; AW19_2954; BC342_33805; BE15_26615; BG04_602; BOLC2T10484H; BOLC5T30519H; BV96_01378; BXO91_01455; BZ13_341; CACLH; cce_5094; Cha6605_2121; Chlase1; CJJ17_24065; CLH; CLH1; Csa_2G222090; CSB93_3304; DDY18_06460; DF19_10980; DJ90_4464; DJ93_5833; DM39_4274; DM48_2363; DR71_1130; DV20_35655; ERS008472_03552; ERS008530_03671; F775_31213; FG87_12610; FM21_30765; GKIL_3644; H489_0111595; HMPREF9554_01030; JCGZ_02225; KALB_5797; LK07_10060; LL06_17325; LP52_09115; MAB_3744; Micau_5231; MTR_1g041385; Namu_1618; Nos7524_0754; O3I_013485; P354_07750; QR77_15265; SAMN05660733_05076; Sare_3190; SAVERM_2604; SD37_17575; SD80_11705; SETIT_9G266700v2; SGM_2508; SL103_16385; SNA_20280; Theco_3404; TK50_20200; TRIUR3_22141; TU94_29540; UK23_27830; VAB18032_29991; VZ95_07895; XU06_03985; Y717_00135; YC6258_05192; Z051_21130
gene name
CHlase F1; Chlase F2; CLH1; CLH2; CLH3
AMTR_s00002p00270990; Os10g0419600; POPTR_010G082300; SAMN05421833_13812; VIT_07s0151g00110; ZEAMMB73_Zm00001d032926
locus name
the enzyme belongs to the alpha/beta-hydrolase fold family of enzymes
coronatine-induced protein 1; truncated chlorophyllase 2
Results 1 - 7 of 7