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EC Number
acidic peroxidase; acidic POD; ALSP; AnaPX; anionic isoperoxidase; anionic peroxidase A1; AOPTP; basic peroxidase; basic POD; BCcP; cationic peroxidase; cationic peroxidase Cs; class III plant peroxidase; constitutive peroxidase; CP; cPOD-I; CYP119; dehaloperoxidase A; dehaloperoxidase B; DHP A; donor: H2O2 oxidoreductase; donor: hydrogen peroxide oxidoreductase; donor:hydrogen peroxide oxidoreductase; DtpA; ECPOX; ELP; eosinophil peroxidase; EPO; extensin peroxidase; extracellular peroxidase; guaiacol peroxidase; H2O2 oxidoreductase; Hb peroxidase; Hb1; heme peroxidase; hemoglobin 1; hexacoordinate (class 1) non-symbiotic hemoglobin; horseradisch peroxidase; horseradish peroxidase; horseradish peroxidase (HRP); horseradish peroxidase C; HRP; HRP A2; HRP C1A; HRPO; HRP_A2A; HRP_C1A; HRP_E5; hydrogen donor oxidoreductase; Japanese radish peroxidase; lactoperoxidase; LPO; LPS; MAP-2744c; MGP; MPO; myeloperoxidase; neutral peroxidase; neutral POD; nsHb-1; oxyperoxidase; p20; PA1; PerII; peroxidase; peroxidase isoenzyme E5; POC1; POD; POII; POX; POX I; POX II; POX2; protoheme peroxidase; Prx1; Prx114; Prx15; pyrocatechol peroxidase; QPO; quinol peroxidase; rPOD-II; RPTP; rubrerythrin; SacD; SBP; scavengase; scopoletin peroxidase; SfmD; SPC4; Ssp; stigma-specific peroxidase; thiocyanate peroxidase; thiol peroxidase; TOP; TP I; Tpx; tyrosine-coordinated heme protein; vacuolar class III peroxidase; vascular peroxidase 1; verdoperoxidase; versatile peroxidase; versatile peroxidase VPL2; VP; VPO1; WPTP
acidic isoform, type A
apo-horseradish peroxidase constituted with the artificial prostethic group heminD1
apo-horseradish peroxidase constituted with the artificial prostethic group heminD2
hemoglobin peroxidase
as a hemoprotein, hemoglobin can, in the presence of H2O2, act as a peroxidase
gene name
isoenzyme C
isoenzyme C of horseradish peroxidase
Prx02; Prx03; Prx06; Prx07; Prx09; Prx1; Prx11; Prx12; Prx13; Prx17; Prx21; Prx22; Prx27; Prx28; Prx30; Prx31; Prx32; Prx33; Prx34; Prx36; Prx37; Prx39; Prx42; Prx43; Prx45; Prx49; Prx50; Prx51; Prx52; Prx53; Prx55; Prx56; Prx57; Prx58; Prx59; Prx60; Prx62; Prx64; Prx66; Prx67; Prx68; Prx69; Prx70; Prx71; Prx72; Prx73
Results 1 - 10 of 18 > >>