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EC Number
Source Tissue
epididymal adipose tissue
low ACE mRNA expression
expression in type 2 pneumocytes
83% of ACE2-expressing cells are alveolar epithelial type II cells
chronic treatment with the AT1R antagonist almesartan induces a fivefold increase in ACE2 mRNA in the aorta which leads to a significant increase in aortic angiotensin(1-7) protein expression
non-diseased mammary arteries and atherosclerotic carotid arteries. Total vessel wall expression of ACE and ACE2 is similar during all stages of atherosclerosis. The observed ACE2 protein is enzymatically active and activity is lower in the stable advanced atherosclerotic lesions, compared to early and ruptured atherosclerotic lesions
transcriptional regulation of ACE2 mRNA in astrocytes is dependent on the relative concentrations of both angiotensin II and angiotensin(1–7) as well as on interaction with their respective receptors
Results 1 - 10 of 152 > >>