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EC Number
Source Tissue
levels of thyroid hormone binding capacity for cytosolic NADPH-dependent T3 binding are noticeably lower in the cerebellum than in the cerebrum of adult rat brain at all stages of development. NADPH-dependent T3 binding is only detected in kidney, liver, heart and spleen after birth, increasing over the next 6 weeks. NADPH-dependent T3 binding is detected in cerebrum and cerebellum 5 days before birth, increasing with a sharp transient spike at the time of birth, that is specific for the brain, particularly in cerebrum, and cannot be seen in other tissues. The NADPH-dependent T3 binding in cerebrum decreases after birth, but begins to increase again 2 weeks after birth. The level in cerebellum does not show this increase. The brain may contain at least two distinct P2C reductases/ketimine reductase, one of which is predominant in the fore-brain and another that is prominent in the cerebellum
localized prevalently in cerebellum and cerebral cortices
very low expression in cerebellum compared to cerebrum, high overall expression level
high enzyme expression level
Results 1 - 10 of 13 > >>