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EC Number
General Information
molecular evolutionary analysis. Phylogenetic, network and functional analyses of OsOSC7 variants in Oryza sativa subsp. japonica and in Oryza wild-type species, overview
identification of three key amino acid residues amongst 46 polymorphic sites that determine functional conversion between tetracyclic parkeol synthase (OsPS) and pentacyclic orysatinol synthase (OsOS), specifically, the chair-semi(chair)-chair and chair-boat-chair interconversions. Mechanism for the function conversion between OsPS and OsOS. The different orientation of a fourth amino acid residue Y257 is important for functional conversion. Three-dimensional modeling of the enzyme proteins generated by using Homo sapiens LAS structure (PDB ID 1W6K) as a template. Ligand docking
physiological function
the OSC from Oryza sativa (OsOP) synthesizes the tetracyclic parkeol as its main product. The OsOP gene is distributed in japonica
Results 1 - 3 of 3