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EC Number
General Information
PamH belongs to the amidase signature, AS, enzyme family. The Ser-Ser-Lys catalytic residues are highly conserved, indicating that there is an evolutionary relationship between the enzymes in the AS family; the enzyme belongs to the amidase signature enzyme family
the enzyme belongs to the nitrilase superfamily, subfamily in branch 13. The enzyme contains highly conserved E41-K107-C141 catalytic triad which is typical for nitrilase superfamily amidases
the aryl acylamidase activity is associated with cobra venom acetylcholinesterase
the enzyme maintains a core alpha/beta/alpha structure and the G-(GAV)-S-(GS)2-GX-(GSAE)-(GSAVYCT)-X-(LIVMT)-(GSA)-X6-(GSAT)-X-(GA)-X-(DE)-X-(GA)-X-S-(LIVM)-R-X-P-(GSACTL) sequence motif
Results 1 - 4 of 4