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EC Number
General Information
Hfq-dependent small RNA MgrR negatively regulates expression of EptB. Envelope stress response protein Sigma E has positively regulates EptB. The effects of Sigma E and deletion of MgrR on levels of EptB mRNA are independent, and the same 5' end is found in both cases. Sigma E acts directly at the level of transcription initiation for EptB, from the same start point as Sigma 70. When Sigma E is active, synthesis of EptB transcript may outstrip MgrR-dependent degradation. A second sRNA, ArcZ, also directly and negatively regulates EptB
physiological function
a gene replacement mutant is hypersensitive to CaCl2 at 5 mM or higher
physiological function
enzyme has a dual role in modifying the flagellar rod protein, FlgG, and the lipid A domain of Campylobacter jejuni lipooligosaccharide with a phosphoethanolamine residue. FlgG is modified with phosphoethanolamine at a single site, Thr75 by EptC and EptC is unable to modify other amino acids (e.g. serine and tyrosine). Defects in motility arise directly from the loss of phosphoethanolamine modification of FlgG
Results 1 - 3 of 3