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EC Number General Information Commentary Reference
Show all pathways known for the reaction diagram Show all sequences function flavin-dependent oxygenases, VioC and VioD, act sequentially in biosynthesis of violacein. VioD hydroxylates one indole ring at the 5-position to yield proviolacein, and VioC then acts on the other indole ring at the 2-position to create the oxindole and complete violacein formation. Deletion of both VioC and VioD leads to formation of a green pigment, deoxychromoviridans, in Top10 cells. When this same construct is transformed into BL21 cells, purple pigment is produced, containing deoxychromoviridans, prodeoxyviolacein, and various other two- and four-electron oxidized versions of prodeoxyviolacein -, 735666
Results 1 - 1 of 1