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EC Number
General Information
linoleate 10S-dioxygenase is an ancient relative of cyclooxygenase in cyanobacteria, linoleate 10S-dioxygenase works in tandem with a catalase-related protein with specific 10S-hydroperoxide lyase activity. Neighboring cyanobacterial genes, dioxygenase and catalase, are identified as linoleate 10S-dioxygenase and 10Shydroperoxide lyase, respectively. The Nostoc linoleate 10S-dioxygenase, the sequence of which contains the signature catalytic sequence of cyclooxygenases and fungal linoleate dioxygenases (YRWH), appears to be a heme dioxygenase ancestor
the immediate downstream gene, Np-cat, encodes a specific linoleate 10S-hydroperoxide lyase (10S-hydroperoxyoleate being metabolized at only 3% of the rate) converting the product of Np-diox and working in tandem with it
physiological function
enzyme Np-diox is an oleate and linoleate heme 10S-dioxygenase-alpha-linolenate is also efficiently metabolized at lower concentrations, but it much more rapidly leads to enzyme inactivation
Results 1 - 3 of 3