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EC Number
General Information
AAO belongs to the large family of multicopper oxidases. AAO labelling in the cytosol, walls and chloroplasts of Chaetomorpha linum cells, whereas in angiosperms this enzyme is almost exclusively confined to the extracellular matrix, possible function of AAO in adaptation and functional evolution of its cellular location, overview
AOase occurs only in higher plants
phylogenetic tree of plant ascorbate oxidases, overview
a diminution in ascorbate oxidase activity affects carbon allocation and improves yield in tomato under water deficit, overview. RNAi knockout plants show increased fruit yield under three conditions where assimilate became limiting for wild-type plants: when fruit trusses are left unpruned, when leaves are removed or when water supply is limited. Several alterations in the transgenic lines can contribute to the improved yield and favour transport of assimilate from leaves to fruits in the ascorbate oxidase lines. RNAi lines show altered sink strength
stability of total vitamin C in situ was strongly dependent on the plant maturity stage and the processing conditions applied
partially folded monomeric species might populate the energy landscape of the enzyme. The overall AAO stability is crucially controlled by a few quaternary interactions at the subunits' interface
proposed catalytic model, structure-function relationship, overview. Intramolecular electron transfer from the type-l copper centre to the trinuclear copper centre
physiological function
AAO plays a major role in the initial phase (oxidation of L-ascorbic acid to dehydroascorbic acid) of vitamin C degradation in broccoli
physiological function
ascorbate oxidase and viral movement protein interaction helps in early viral movement of Cucumber mosaic virus
physiological function
ascorbate oxidase catalyzes the oxidation of ascorbate to yield water. Enzyme overexpressing plants are prone to ozone and salt stresses, whereas lower expression apparently confers resistance to unfavorable environmental conditions. High enzme expression is viewed as a possible strategy to down-regulate oxygen diffusion in root nodules, and a component of arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis. Key role of this gene/enzyme in both nodule and arbuscular mycorrhizal development and functioning. The enzyme might be part of the general mechanism regulating cell wall architecture
Results 1 - 10 of 16 > >>