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EC Number
acetyl-CoA + 16-epivellosimine = CoA + vinorine
; The reaction proceeds in two stages. The indole nitrogen of 16-epivellosimine interacts with its aldehyde group giving an hydroxy-substituted new ring. This alcohol is then acetylated. Also acts on gardneral, 11-methoxy-16-epivellosimine. Generates the ajmalan skeleton, which forms part of the route to ajmaline
acetyl-CoA + 16-epivellosimine = CoA + vinorine
His160 and Asp164 are catalytic site residues of the non-triad motif HxxxD
acetyl-CoA + 16-epivellosimine = CoA + vinorine
His160 of the HxxxD motif functions as a general base in catalysis, located at the center of the reaction channel at the interface of both domains and is accessible from both sides
Results 1 - 3 of 3