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EC Number
absorption of quercetin-3-glucoside requires hydrolysis by the enzyme, absorption of quercetin-4’-glucoside requires both an interaction with sodium-dependent glucose transporter and hydrolysis by the enzyme
enzyme plays a major role in metabolism of glycosylated phytochemicals
LPH is a marker for the terminal differentiation phases of the intestinal development in mice, inactivation of gata 4 has no effect on the mRNA expression of LPH, inactivation of hnf1 results in 50% reduced mRNA levels, specific intestinal genes have differential requirements for gata 4 and hnf1
mutant form G1363S of LPH is involved in the pathogenesis of congenital lactase deficiency
perfusion of jejunum and ileum of rats with quercetin-3-glucoseide, enzyme is involved in in vivo intestinal uptake of quercetin-sugars
rotavirus infection impairs LPH activity in intestinal cells, the decrease in enzyme activity is not Ca2+- and cAMP-dependent, the LPH biosynthesis, stability, and expression is not modified, the impairment of lactase enzymatic activity during rotavirus infection results from an inhibitory action of the secreted non-structural rotavirus protein NSP4
regulation of LPH exocytosis by multiple Rab GTPases
Results 1 - 7 of 7