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EC Number
Natural Substrates
Commentary (Nat. Sub.)
enzyme may serve a regulatory role in modifying the inhibitory effect of ecto-NAD on T-cell activation
enzyme may work in the regulation of nicotinamide coenzyme concentration in the peroxisome
involved in NAD uptake and processing to nicotinamide riboside
NAD+ + H2O
NAD+ + H2O
enzyme of the pyridine-nucleotide cycle, involved in nicotine production
NAD+ + H2O
possible function in NAD transport
NAD+ + H2O
GFG1 transcript levels are rapidly and transiently induced during both biotic stresses imposed by avirulent pathogens and abiotic stresses like ozone and osmoticum.T-DNA knock out plants of GFG1 gene, gfg1-1, exhibit pleiotropic phenotypes such as reduced size, increased levels of reactive oxygen species and NADH, microscopic cell death, constitutive expression of pathogenesis-related genes and enhanced resistance to bacterial pathogens
NAD+ + H2O
the enzyme is involved in NAD+ homeostasis
possible function in regulation of NAD+/NADH-ratio
possible function in regulation of NADP-level
Results 1 - 10 of 10