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EC Number
Natural Substrates
Commentary (Nat. Sub.)
a module of two PxVxL HP1 interaction motifs on enzyme SENP7 mediates association with HP1, molecular basis for the interaction between SENP7 and HP1, the capacity for SENP7 to interact with HP1 in cells and its capacity to de-SUMOylate SUMO1-HP1 are independent
the enzyme SENP7 interacts with the chromatin repressive KRAB-associated protein 1 through heterochromatin protein 1 alpha, HP1alapha. Enzyme SENP7 contains a conserved HP1-box, PxVxL, required for interaction with HP1
poly-SUMO-2 + H2O
the C-terminal catalytic domain of SENP7 efficiently depolymerized poly-SUMO-2 chains but has undetectable activity against poly-SUMO-1 chains
SUMO2/3ylated HP1alpha + H2O
HP1alpha localizes at the pericentric heterochromatin, importance of SUMOylation in directing HP1alphaÂís subnuclear localization, SUMO deconjugation by enzyme SENP7
SUMOylated c-Myc + H2O
SUMOylated HP1alpha + H2O
SUMO deconjugation by enzyme SENP7
SUMOylated KRAB-associated protein 1 + H2O
enzyme SENP7 promotes the removal of SUMO2/3 from KRAB-associated protein 1
Results 1 - 8 of 8