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EC Number
Natural Substrates
Commentary (Nat. Sub.)
casein + H2O
Gelatin + H2O
kiwellin + H2O
in vitro treatment of purified kiwellin, an allergenic protein formerly isolated from green kiwi fruit, with the protease actinidin from green kiwi fruit originates KiTH, a 20 kDa protein with 100% identity with the C-terminal region of kiwellin, and kissper, a described pore-forming peptide
actinidain, from the juice of kiwi fruit, has no detrimental effect on either the motility of Trichuris muris or the nematode cuticle
digestibility of kiwifruit allergens, actinidin (Act d 1) and thaumatin-like protein (Act d 2), is assessed using an in vitro digestion system that approximates physiological conditions with respect to the passage of food through the stomach into the duodenum: Act d 1 precipitates in simulated gastric fluid at pH 2 and digestion of the aggregated protein proceeds slowly. The residual precipitate redissolves completely in simulated duodenal fluid at pH 6.5 and is partially digested. Act d 1 and Act d 2 display nearly unchanged IgE binding abilities
Results 1 - 5 of 5