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EC Number
Natural Substrates
Commentary (Nat. Sub.)
factor IX
activation of Factor IX in the intrinsic coagulation cascade
factor IX + H2O
factor IX + H2O
factor XIa has a role in the intrinsic pathway of coagulation, and plays a significant role in venous thrombosis
factor IX + H2O
factor XIa is essential for the optimal activation of FIX
factor IX + H2O
two forms of activated factor XI are generated during coagulation, and each half of a factor XIa dimer behaves as an independent enzyme with respect to factor IX
factor IX + H2O
after binding to factor XIa, factor IX undergoes a single cleavage to form the intermediate factor IXalpha. FIXalpha then rebinds to the A3 domain to undergo a second cleavage, generating factor IXalphabeta
factor V + H2O
fXIa cleaves COOH-terminal to R306, possibly at the fXa/plasmin cleavage site R348
factor VIII + H2O
fXIa initially cleaves at R740 and R372 in the heavy chain and also makes several A3 cleavages most notably at R1652 and R1721
pro-HGF + H2O
the enzyme may regulate processes that involve the HGF/c-Met pathway, such as tissue repair and angiogenesis
tissue factor pathway inhibitor + H2O
the cleavage of the protein occurs between the Kunitz (K)1 and K2 domains (Lys86/Thr87) and at the active sites of the K2 (Arg107/Gly108) and K3 (Arg199/Ala200) domains
Results 1 - 10 of 10