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EC Number
Natural Substrates
Commentary (Nat. Sub.)
promyelotic leukemia zinc finger gene + acetyl-CoA
piccoloNuA4 peptide + acetyl-CoA
the peptide is part of the physiologic enzme complex, overview
enzyme activity is regulated by phosphorylation and interaction with other regulating protein factors
MOZ and MORF genes are rearranged by chromosome abnormalities associated with several types of leukemia
MYST-related histone acetyltransferase complex NuA4: required for cell growth, required for p53-dependent transcription activation in yeast, presumably through its Yng2 subunit, homolog of the tumor suppressor ING1. GNAT-related histone acetyltransferase complex SAGA can stimulate Gal4-VP16 activation in a manner dependent on HAT activity. D´SAGA can be recruited by several yeast activators. SAGA is targeted to promoter regions proximal to the activator binding site. Once targeted, SAGA acetylates histone h3 in the vicinity of the promoter. Targeted acetylation by SAGA stabilizes its binding and that of a targeted SWI/SNF chromatin-remodeling complex. SAGA is required for both activation of the yeast ARG1 promoter by Gcn4 activator and repression by the ArgR/Mcm1 repressor complex
MYST-related histone acetyltransferase complex Tip60 also acts as a transcriptional coactivator in several systems including class I nuclear hormone receptors, NF-kappaB and at the superoxide dismutase gene. Tip 60 has been implicated in Alzheimer disease because it stimulates transcription when asociated with the cleaved cytoplasmic tail fragment of the amyloid-beta precursor protein
Tip60 plays a role in the control of cell-related events
acetylation of proteins by the enzyme plays a critical role in the regulation of gene expression
androgen Src kinase and PKCd kinase are involved in the regulation of p300 HAT activity via bombesin, overview
deregulated HAT activity plays a role in the development of a range of cancers
Results 1 - 10 of 110 > >>