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EC Number
GeneOntology No.
localizes predominantly in the cytoplasm
HCS co-localizes with histone H3 in human cells with physical interactions between HCS and H3. The N-terminal and C-terminal domains in HCS participate in H3 binding
isozyme subcellular localization, immunofluorescence study, overview
HCS migrates to the nucleus at the gastrulation stage. In polytene chromosomes, it is associated to heterochromatin bands where it co-localizes with histone 3 trimethylated at lysine 9 but not with the euchromatin mark histone 3 acetylated at lysine 9. HCS associates with the hsp70 promoter. On heat-shock activation of the hsp70 promoter, HCS is displaced and the promoter region becomes enriched with the TFIIH subunits XPD and XPB and elongating RNA pol I
Results 1 - 10 of 11 > >>