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EC Number
General Stability
20-25% retention of activity after immobilization, at 12°C, stable for at least 30 days
a long acting enzyme derivative is synthesized by covalently linking poly(ethylene glycol) to the enzyme
ascorbate oxidase is alternately deposited with Au nanoparticles and forms a layer-by-layer membrane on a Pt electrode. The enzyme activities remain even after the deposition. The oxidation current of ascorbic acid (0.1 mM) decreases to 36% for the (ascorbate oxidase/Au)1 modified electrode, and to 19% for the (ascorbate oxidase/Au)10 modified electrode
gelatin, catalase, peroxidase and methemoglobin protect against inactivation
immobilization within 6% Ca-alginate gel beads improves stability
no change in total activity in the presence of 5 M urea, conversion of tetrameric form into monomer with 75% activity in 8 M urea
partially unfolding of the enzyme by 1.4 M guanidinium hydrochloride or 2.8 M urea
role of copper in stability
stable to dialysis against EDTA or cyanide
Results 1 - 9 of 9