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EC Number
General Stability
enhanced stability in ionic liquids
enzyme immobilized on monoaminoethyl-N-aminoethyl through carbodiimide-coupled method shows an increase in apparent half-life time of more than 500fold that of the soluble enzyme
glucose enhances the operational stability by two folds, but exhibits no significant effect on storage stability
immobilization of chloroperoxidase to silica gel in order to increase its stability either in buffer solution or in the presence of the oxidant tert-butyl hydroperoxide. The binding between enzyme and silica gel results in a non-homogeneous enzyme population. Existence of three different enzyme populations. Two populations of the immobilized enzyme show an apparent increase in the stability both to the pH or to the presence of the oxidant
immobilization of the enzyme on silica gel enhances the stability with respect to the effect of pH and oxidizing agent concentrations
immobilized CPO (covalent immobilization of chloroperoxidase on the magnetic p(GMA-MMA-EGDMA) beads) retains 83% of its initial activity after 12 cycles of usage
interface-assembled enzyme shows improved stability as compared to native enzyme, enzyme deactivation as a result of the side effect of H2O2, still limits the overall productivity of the enzyme
PEG200 and glycerol are the most efficient stabilizer for CPO in temperatures ranging from 25°C to 60°C. Trehalose is more helpful than other sugars for extended storage of CPO
stability of the immobilized CPO (covalent immobilization of chloroperoxidase on the magnetic p(GMA-MMA-EGDMA) beads) is improved compared to free form
stability studies on the chloroperoxidase complexes in presence of tert-butyl hydroperoxide
<< < Results 11 - 20 of 23 > >>