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EC Number
Activating Compound
alkanediyl-alpha,omega-bis(hydroxyethyl methyl hexadecyl ammonium bromide)
the cationic gemini surfactants slightly activate and stabilize RNase A below their critical micelle concentrations at pH 5.0. The cationic gemini surfactant with the shorter spacer interacts more efficiently with RNase A than those with longer spacers, two-transition model, UV, circular dichorism and fluorescence spectroscopies, overview
butanediyl-1,4-bis(hydroxyethyl methyl hexadecyl ammonium bromide)
at 0.13 mM
hexanediyl-1,6-bis(hydroxyethyl methyl hexadecyl ammonium bromide)
at 0.1-0.25 M
pentanediyl-1,5-bis(hydroxyethyl methyl hexadecyl ammonium bromide)
Sodium citrate
decreases the distance between the catalytic His residues and increases the globular compactness
Results 1 - 10 of 10