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EC Number
Activating Compound
presence of 5 mM ATP, slightly stimulating up to 1 mM, inhibitory above. Presence of 0.05 mM ATP, stimulating at least up to 3 mM
control of Na,K-ATPase activity and expression
increases transport activity of the Na/K pump and the content of Na,K-ATPase alpha1 protein
lauric acid
presence of 5 mM ATP, inhibitory above 0.25 mM. Presence of 0.05 mM ATP, stimulating up to 0.3 mM, inhibitory above
Lyn kinase
Lyn kinase directly binds to the Na+,K+-ATPase alpha3 subunit for regulation of activity
monoclonal antibody SSA 78
half activated by a membrane potential of about -65 mV
increase in extracellular pH potentiates Na+-K+ pump activity
the alpha-subunit is 2-fold more abundant in seawater-acclimated salt glands than in freshwater-acclimated glands. There is no increase in the specific activity of NKA in seawtaer-acclimated animals and the in vitro rate of oxygen consumption by salt gland slices from seawater-acclimated animals is not significantly different from that of Ffreshwater-acclimated animals
<< < Results 11 - 20 of 34 > >>