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1-LN cell, 10/9CRC1 cell, 11-9-1-4 cell, 15PC3 cell, 1682-A cell, 184A1N4 cell, 222 cell, 250MK cell, 4T1 cell, 4TO7 cell, 76NF2V cell, 8305C cell, 8505C cell, 862L cell, A-224 cell, A-2780 cell, A-364 cell, A-547 cell, A2780/100 cell, A2780/CDDP cell, A2780/CP70 cell, A2780/S cell, A7 cell, AC2M2 cell, accessory sex gland, ACT-1 cell, adenohypophysis, adenohypophysis tumor cell, adrenal adenoma cell, adrenal cortex, adrenal cortex cell line, adrenal cortex steroidogenic cell, adrenal gland, adrenal glomerulosa cell, adrenal medulla, adrenocortical carcinoma cell, adrenocortical carcinoma cell line, adrenocortical cell, AHH-1 cell, albumen gland, alpha-TC1.6 cell, alpha-TC1.9 cell, alphaT3-1 cell, ALVA-31 cell, ALVA-41 cell, AML-12 cell, anaplastic thyroid cancer cell, anaplastic thyroid cancer cell line, anterior lobe, AR4-2J cell, ARH-77 cell, ARL-15C1 cell, ARL-16T2 cell, ARO cell, AS-30D cell, AsPC-1 cell, AT6.1 cell, atrial gland, AtT-20 cell, atypical ductal hyperplasia cell, AU-565 cell, B-CPAP cell, B-lymphoblastoid cell line, basal prostate epithelium cell, BCIRL-HZ-AM1 cell, BEL-7402 cell, BEL-7404 cell, BEL-7404-CP20 cell, benign prostatic hyperplasia cell, beta-TC3 cell, beta-TC6 cell, BG-1 cell, BHT-101 cell, bile, bile canaliculus, bile duct, bile duct epithelium, BM-1604 cell, BmN cell, BmN4 cell, BmN4-SID1 cell, BNL CL.2 cell, BNL-HCC cell, BON-1 cell, bone marrow-derived dendritic cell, BPH cell, BPH-1 cell, BRE-80 cell, breast, breast adenocarcinoma cell line, breast cancer cell, breast cancer cell line, breast cell line, breast epithelial cell, breast epithelium, breast fibroadenoma cell, breast invasive ductal carcinoma cell, BRIN-BD11 cell, BRL cell, BRL-3A cell, Brockmann body, BT-20 cell, BT-474 cell, BT-483 cell, BT-549 cell, bulbourethral gland, BxPC-3 cell, C-127 cell, C-643 cell, C127I cell, C57MG cell, CA-HPV-10 cell, CABA I cell, CAL-51 cell, CAL-62 cell, CAMA-1 cell, CAOV-3 cell, CAPAN-1 cell, CAPAN-2 cell, CB33 cell, CBRH-7919 cell, CESS cell, CFPAC-1 cell, CGTH-W1 cell, Chang cell, chloragocyte, chloragogen cell, CHO cell, CHO-13-5-1 cell, CHO-6 cell, CHO-7 cell, CHO-91-47-67 cell, CHO-A7 cell, CHO-AA8 cell, CHO-CUR3 cell, CHO-EM9 cell, CHO-K1 cell, CHO-Lec4 cell, CHO-LY-B cell, CHO-MG cell, CHO-XRS6 cell, cholangiocarcinoma cell, cholangiocarcinoma cell line, cholangiocyte, cholangioma cell, CHOP cell, CHRB-30 cell, chromaffin cell, Cl-66 cell, Cl-66M2 cell, clitoral gland, coagulating gland, colleterial gland, COLO-357 cell, colostrum, corpus albicans, corpus allatum, corpus amylaceum, corpus cardiacum, corpus luteum, corticotropic cell, cumulus-oocyte complex, CWR-22 cell, CWR22-Rv1 cell, dendritic cell, digestive cell, digestive gland, digestive juice, distal tip, DOV-13 cell, DU-145 cell, DuPro cell, EBV-LCL cell, EFM-19 cell, EFO-27 cell, Ehrlich ascites carcinoma cell, EMT-6 cell, endocrine gland, endocrine pancreas, endometrial gland, endometrioid carcinoma cell, endopeduncular nucleus, enterochromaffin-like cell, EONT cell, epithelial ovarian cancer cell, ER-1 cell, ERpP cell, ES-2 cell, exocrine pancreas, F-9 cell, F28-7 cell, FAA-HTC1 cell, FAO cell, FAZA cell, FB-1 cell, female accessory gland, FHCC-98 cell, FL83B cell, FM3A cell, follicular adenoma cell, follicular dendritic cell, follicular dendritic cell line, follicular fluid, follicular thyroid cancer cell, FRTL-5 cell, FTC-133 cell, FTC-236 cell, FTO-2B cell, gastric juice, gastrinoma cell, GC-1 spg cell, germarium, germinal center, GH3 cell, GH4-C1 cell, GI-102 cell, GM-12878 cell, GM-3299 cell, GN5 cell, gonad, gonadal sheath cell, GP6 cell, granulosa cell, granulosa cell line, GRX cell, gut juice, H2.35 cell, H4-II-E-C3 cell, H494 cell, H4TG cell, HA22T/VGH cell, HAC cell, hatching gland, hatching liquid, HB4a cell, HB611 cell, HBL-100 cell, HC-11 cell, HC11-C24 cell, Hca-F cell, HCC-1395 cell, HCC-1500 cell, HCC-1569 cell, HCC-1806 cell, HCC-1937 cell, HCC-1954 cell, HCC-38 cell, HCC-70 cell, HCCLM-9 cell, HEP-3B cell, Hep-G2 cell, Hep-G2/2.15 cell, HEP-G2/2.2.1 cell, Hep-G2/ADM cell, Hep-G2/C3A cell, HEPA 1-6 cell, Hepa-1 cell, Hepa-1c1c7 cell, Hepa-RG cell, HepAD38 cell, hepatic stellate cell, hepatic stellate cell line, hepatobiliary carcinoma cell, hepatoblastoma cell, hepatoblastoma cell line, hepatocyte, hepatoma ascites cell, hepatoma ascites cell line, hepatoma cell, hepatoma cell line, hepatoma HLE cell, hepatopancreas, HEY cell, HEY-1B cell, HEY-A8 cell, HHL-5 cell, HIT-T15 cell, HL-7702 cell, HL1C cell, HME cell, HMEC-1330 cell, HMEpC cell, HMT-3522 cell, HMT-3522 T4-2 cell, HO-8910 cell, HO-8910PM, HOSE 11-12 cell, HOSE 17-1 cell, HOSE 6-3 cell, HOSE cell, HOSE-B cell, HPAC cell, HPAF-2 cell, HPDE6-C7 cell, HPENC cell, HRA cell, Hs-578T cell, HS-766T cell, HSC-180 cell, HSC-T6 cell, HTC cell, HTC-4 cell, HTC-C3 cell, hTERT-HPNE cell, HTh-7 cell, HTh-74 cell, HuCCT-1 cell, HuH-1 cell, HuH-6 cell, HuH-7 cell, Huh-7.5 cell, Huh-7.5.1 cell, Huma-7 cell, Human-7 cell, HuMMEC cell, hypophysis, hypothalamic nucleus, hypothalamus, IGROV-1 cell, IHH cell, IM-9 cell, IMEC cell, immature ovarian follicle, infundibular nucleus, infundibulum, INS-1 823/13 cell, INS-1 cell, INS-1E cell, insulinoma cell, interdigitating reticulum cell, internal secretion, interrenal cell, interrenal gland, intestinal juice, invasive breast apocrine carcinoma cell, IOSE-397 cell, IOSE-398 cell, IT-79MTNC3 cell, J5 hepatoma cell, J7 hepatoma cell, JC cell, JIMT-1 cell, JY cell, KAT-18 cell, KGN cell, KKU-100 cell, KKU-M139 cell, KMBC cell, KOC-7C cell, KP-1N cell, KP-2 cell, Kupffer cell, L3.3 cell, L3.6pl cell, L56Br-C1 cell, lacteal cyst, LAPC-4 cell, large luteal cell, lateral mammillary nucleus, LbetaT2 cell, Lec15.1 CHO cell, Leydig cell, Leydig cell line, Leydig cell tumor cell, LH-86 cell, LI90 cell, liver, liver cancer cell, liver cell line, liver epithelial cell line, liver sinusoidal endothelial cell, LLC-WRC 256 cell, LNCaP cell, LNCaP clone FGC, LNCaP-17 cell, LNCaP-34 cell, LNCaP-Abl cell, LNCaP-AI cell, LNCaP-C4 cell, LNCaP-C4-2 cell, LNCAP-C4-2B cell, LNGK-9 PCa cell, Lunet-Con1 cell, luteal cell, LX-1 cell, LX-2 cell, lymph node, lymphoblastoma cell, lymphoid follicle, M12 prostate cancer cell, M22 cell, MA-10 cell, Mac-1 cell, MACL-1 cell, Mahlavu cell, mammary duct, mammary ductal carcinoma cell, mammary epithelial cell, mammary epithelial cell line, mammary epithelium, mammary gland, mammary gland cell line, mammary gland tumor cell, mammary gland tumor cell line, mammary myoepithelial cell, Mat-Ly-Lu cell, mature ovarian follicle, McA-RH7777 cell, MCF-10-2A cell, MCF-10A cell, MCF-10A neoT cell, MCF-10F cell, MCF-12A cell, MCF-12F cell, MCF-7 cell, MCF-7/2a cell, MCF-7/LCC9 cell, MCS-2 cell, MDA-B02 cell, MDA-MB-157 cell, MDA-MB-175-VII cell, MDA-MB-231 cell, MDA-MB-231-BAG cell, MDA-MB-231-Luc2 cell, MDA-MB-361 cell, MDA-MB-415 cell, MDA-MB-435 cell, MDA-MB-435S cell, MDA-MB-436 cell, MDA-MB-453 cell, MDA-MB-468 cell, MDA-Panc-28 cell, MDA-Panc-3 cell, MDA-PCa-2b cell, MDA435/LCC6MDR1 cell, MDAH-2774 cell, medial mammillary nucleus, median eminence, medullary breast carcinoma cell, medullary thyroid carcinoma cell, medullary thyroid carcinoma cell line, melanotroph, mesenteric lymph node, MGSO-3 cell, MH134 cell, MHCC-97 cell, MHCC97-H cell, MHCC97-L cell, MI8-5 CHO cell, MiaPaCa-2 cell, midgut secretion, MIHA cell, milk, milk fat, MIN-6 cell, MIN6-m9 cell, MIN6-N8 cell, MM46 cell, MM5MT cell, MMT-060562 cell, molting fluid, molting gland, monocyte-derived dendritic cell, Morris hepatoma 3924A cell, Morris hepatoma 7316A cell, Morris hepatoma 7777 cell, Morris hepatoma 7800C1 cell, Morris hepatoma cell, MR49F cell, MRK-nu-1 cell, MS-1 cell, mucinous cystadenoma cell, mucinous ovarian adenocarcinoma cell, MX-1 cell, Myc-CaP cell, myeloid dendritic cell, Mz-ChA-1 cell, NCCIT cell, NCI-H295 cell, NCI-H295A cell, NCI-H295R cell, NCI/ADR-RES cell, ND-1 cell, neural lobe, neuroendocrine cell, neuroendocrine tumor cell, neurohypophysis, neurosecretory cell, nipple, NMuMg cell, NOR-P1 cell, NOS-2 cell, NOS-4 cell, NOSE1 cell, Novikoff ascites tumor cell, Novikoff hepatoma cell, NPA cell, NPrEC cell, NRP-152 cell, NRP-154 cell, NT2-N cell, NT2-Rho0 cell, NT2/D1 cell, NTERA-2 cell, Nthy-ori 3-1 cell, nucleus preopticus, nucleus preopticus medialis, nucleus preopticus medianus, nucleus preopticus periventricularis, nucleus recessus lateralis, nurse cell, OC/CDE22 cell, OCL-3 cell, OCUT-1 cell, OCUT-2 cell, ONCO-DG1 cell, OR-6 cell, ORL-8 cell, OV-2008 cell, OV-202 cell, OV-90 cell, OV-MZ-10 cell, OV-MZ-6 cell, OV2008/C13 cell, ovarian cumulus cell, ovarian cyst, ovarian cyst fluid, ovarian fluid, ovarian follicle, ovarian follicular epithelium, ovarian serous carcinoma cell, ovarian surface epithelial cell, ovarian surface epithelium, ovarian theca-interstitial cell, ovariole, ovary, ovary adenocarcinoma cell line, ovary cancer cell, ovary cancer cell line, ovary cell line, ovary epithelium, ovary epithelium cell line, OVCA-420 cell, OVCA-429 cell, OVCA-432 cell, OVCA-433 cell, OVCA-5 cell, OVCAR-3 cell, OVISE cell, ovotestis, P-19 cell, P4E6 cell, PA-1 cell, PA-TU-8988T cell, PaCa-44 cell, Panc-02 cell, PANC-1 cell, PANC-3 cell, Panc1-bC2GnT-M cell, pancreas, pancreatic acinar cell, pancreatic adenocarcinoma cell line, pancreatic alpha cell, pancreatic beta cell, pancreatic beta cell line, pancreatic cancer cell, pancreatic cancer cell line, pancreatic cell line, pancreatic duct, pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma cell, pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma cell line, pancreatic ductal carcinoma cell, pancreatic invasive ductal adenocarcinoma cell, pancreatic islet, pancreatic islet cancer cell, pancreatic islet cell, pancreatic juice, PanIN cell, papillary thyroid cancer cell, papillary thyroid cancer cell line, parathyroid gland, paraventricular nucleus of hypothalamus, parenchyma of thyroid gland, pars distalis, pars intermedia, pars tuberalis, Patu-8988 cell, PaTuO-2 cell, PC-1 cell, PC-1.0 cell, PC-12 cell, PC-12D cell, PC-12K cell, PC-3 cell, PC-346C cell, PC-3H cell, PC-3M cell, PC-3M-LN4 cell, PC-3ML cell, PC-J cell, PC12-AC cell, PC3-B1 cell, PC3-MM2 cell, PC6-3 cell, PCCL-3 cell, PCI-43 cell, PDNEC cell, PEO-1 cell, PEO-4 cell, peritubular cell, peritubular contractile cell, periventricular nucleus of hypothalamus, Peyer's gland, PH5CH-8 cell, pheochromocytoma cell, pheochromocytoma cell line, pheromone gland, pineal gland, pinealocyte, pituicyte, pituitary gland cell line, pituitary gland tumor cell, PK-8 cell, PK-9 cell, plasmacytoid dendritic cell, plasmacytoid T-lymphocyte, PLC-PRF-5 cell, PLHC-1/dox cell, PNT-1A cell, PNT-2 cell, PNT2-C2 cell, POGS-5 cell, posterior hypothalamic nucleus, posterior lobe, PPC-1 cell, preoptic area, preputial gland, preputial gland tumor cell, prostasome, prostate adenocarcinoma cell line, prostate cancer cell line, prostate epithelium cell, prostate epithelium cell line, prostate gland, prostate gland anterior lobe, prostate gland cancer cell, prostate gland epithelium, prostate gland intraepithelial neoplasia cell line, prostate gland ventral lobe, prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia cell, PrSC cell, PrSMC cell, PSN-1 cell, pulmonary neuroendocrine tumor cell, PWR-1E cell, PZ-HPV-7 cell, QGP-1 cell, QGY-7703 cell, QZG cell, regulatory dendritic cell, retrocerebral complex, ring gland, RINm5F cell, RL-19 cell, RM-1 cell, RMG-I cell, RMG-II cell, RPK-9 cell, RTH-149 cell, RWPE-1 cell, RWPE-2 cell, RzM6-LC cell, S2-028 cell, SB-247 cell, seminal plasma, seminiferous epithelium, seminiferous tubule, seminoma cell, Ser-W3 cell, serous cystadenocarcinoma cell, Sertoli cell, Sertoli cell line, SF-21 cell, SF-9 cell, shell gland, SK-BR-3 cell, SK-ChA-1 cell, SK-HEP-1 cell, SK-PC-1 cell, SK32 cell, SKOV-1 cell, SKOV-3 cell, SKW6.4 cell, small luteal cell, SMMC-7721 cell, SNU-182 cell, SNU-354 cell, SNU-368 cell, SNU-398 cell, SNU-423 cell, SNU-449 cell, SNU-475 cell, SOB-15 cell, spermary, STC-1 cell, stria terminalis, SU.86.86 cell, submandibular lymph node, SUIT-2 cell, SUM-1315MO2 cell, SUM-149PT cell, SUM-159PT cell, SUM-185PE cell, SUM-52PE cell, suprachiasmatic nucleus, supraoptic nucleus, SW-1736 cell, SW-1990 cell, SW-626 cell, swine testicular cell line, T-47 cell, T-47D cell, T-lymphoblastoid cell line, T-lymphoblastoma cell, T3M4 cell, TAD-2 cell, TAMH cell, tanycyte, TAOV cell, teratocarcinoma cell, teratocarcinoma cell line, terminal ampoule, testicular cancer cell, testicular cancer cell line, testicular vein, testis, testis sheath, THC-252 cell, THC-H5D cell, theca cell, theca externa, theca folliculi, theca interna, thecoma cell, THLE-5b cell, thymic cortex, thymic cortical epithelial cell, thymic epithelium, thymic medulla, thymic medullary epithelium, thymocyte, thymoma cell, thymus, thyroid cancer cell, thyroid cancer cell line, thyroid cell line, thyroid epithelial cell, thyroid follicle, thyroid follicular epithelial cell, thyroid gland, thyroid nodule, TM-3 cell, TM-4 cell, TOV-112D cell, TOV-21G cell, TRAMP-C2 cell, TSA cell, Tsu-Pr1 cell, TT cell, UACC-812 cell, UACC-893 cell, UCI-101 cell, urophysis, UWB1.289 cell, UWB1.289+BRCA1 cell, VCaP cell, ventromedial hypothalamic nucleus, vesicular gland, vitellarium, Walker carcinoma 256 cell, WB-311 cell, WB-F344 cell, WDNET cell, WIF-B cell, WIF-B9 cell, WIL-2 cell, WIL2-NS cell, WPE-int cell, WPMY-1 cell, WT-100 cell, WT-51 cell, WT-8 cell, Y-1 cell, Y1-BS1 cell, YMB-1 cell, YMB-1-E cell, yolk sac cancer cell, Yoshida AH-130 cell, Yoshida AH-66 cell, Yoshida ascites hepatoma cell line, YY-8103 cell, zona fasciculata, zona glomerulosa, zona reticulata, ZR-75 cell, ZR-75-1 cell, ZR-75-30 cell, ZR-82 cell