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293-F FreeStyle cell, 293-IL-1RI cell, 769-P cell, A-498 cell, A-704 cell, ACHN cell, angiomyolipoma cell, AOK-B50 cell, BHK 165-23 cell, BHK cell, BHK-21 cell, bladder transitional cell carcinoma cell, BSC-40 cell, C8PA cell, Caki-1 cell, Caki-2 cell, Caki-dTub cell, chromophobe renal cell carcinoma cell, collecting duct, collecting duct cell line, connecting tubule, connecting tubule cell, cortical collecting duct, cortical collecting duct cell, COS cell, COS-1 cell, COS-7 cell, CV-1 cell, D1-HEK-293 cell, DKC-8 cell, FLK cell, G-401 cell, G-402 cell, glomerular endothelial cell, glomerular endothelium, glomerular epithelium, glomerular macrophage, head kidney, HEK-293 cell, HEK-293 PEAKrapid cell, HEK-293 Tet-On 3G cell, HEK-293-APPswe cell, HEK-293-EBNA cell, HEK-293A cell, HEK-293B2 cell, HEK-293F cell, HEK-293FT cell, HEK-293H cell, HEK-293S cell, HEK-293T cell, HEK-293VnR cell, HEK-AD293 cell, Henles loop, HGEC cell, HK-2 cell, HKiG2 cell, HMC cell, IMCD cell, IME cell, inner medullary collecting duct, inner medullary collecting duct cell, intercalated cell, juxtaglomerular apparatus, juxtaglomerular cell, juxtaglomerular tumor cell, kidney, kidney cancer cell, kidney cell line, KIJ-265T cell, KIJ-308T cell, KJ29 cell, LLC-PK-1-GR101 cell, LLC-PK1 cell, M-1 collecting duct cell, MA-104 cell, macula densa, MDBK cell, MDCK cell, MDCK-MDR1 cell, medullary collecting duct, mesangial cell, mesangium, metanephric adenoma cell, mIMCD-3 cell, MMDD1 cell, Moroff cell, MPCT-G cell, mpkCCD cell, mpkCCDc14 cell, nephridium, nephroblastoma cell, nephron, NRK cell, NRK-49F cell, NRK-52E cell, OK cell, OS-RC-2 cell, PAP-HT25 cell, papillary renal cell carcinoma cell, pars recta, Phoenix-AMPHO cell, PK-15 cell, PK-15CD163 cell, podocyte, Pt-K1 cell, Pt-K2 cell, RAG cell, RCC 786-O cell, RCC-10 cell, RCC-10RGB cell, RCC-4 cell, RCCD-2 cell, renal artery, renal cancer cell line, renal cell carcinoma cell, renal cell carcinoma cell line, renal clear cell, renal corpuscle, renal cortex, renal distal tubule, renal epithelial cell, renal epithelium, renal epithelium cell line, renal glomerular capsule, renal glomerulus, renal inner medulla, renal medulla, renal oncocytoma cell, renal outer medulla, renal papilla, renal parenchyma, renal proximal tubule, renal proximal tubule cell, renal proximal tubule epithelial cell, renal proximal tubule epithelium, renal proximal tubule epithelium cell line, renal tubule, renal tubule epithelium, RMC cell, RXF-393 cell, SK-RC-26B cell, SK-RC-45 cell, SN-12C cell, SV7tert cell, T-REx 293 cell, TALH cell, TCMK-1 cell, Tet-iNOS-293 cell, TK-10 cell, transitional cell carcinoma cell, trunk kidney, tsA-201 cell, tubulointerstitium, TUHR-10TKB cell, TUHR-14TKB cell, TUHR-4TKB cell, UM-UC-14 cell, UO-31 cell, UOK-262 cell, urine, Vero 2.2 cell, VERO C1008 cell, Vero cell, VERO-76 cell, VMRC-RCW cell, VMRC-RCZ cell, WSS-1 cell, Xenopus A6 cell